Readers Meet & Greet

I’ve been trying to read and write more ever since I quit my job a couple of weeks ago, but life keeps getting in the way. I’ve still managed to find a wonderful community of writers/bloggers/readers at, and I’ve stumbled upon some great blogs through this website. The whole point of SheWrites is to encourage an exchange of ideas between different writers (men are welcome too!), and as part of that effort they’ve set up the Blogger Ball #7. It’s a great way to read some new blogs and also encourage traffic on one’s own blog. So without further ado, let me welcome new readers to Bibliofanatique, while old faithfuls of this space can click on the bookshelf image below to go to a page that links to some really awesome blogs. Read and enjoy!

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!


17 thoughts on “Readers Meet & Greet

  1. Hello! I’m visiting via She Writes.

    I’m glad I found you blog and was interested to read your post on Evelyn Waugh. I read Vile Bodies many years ago but he’s one of my favourite authors. Decline and Fall – which I haven’t read for a while, but while I have read many times – is one of my favourite books of all time.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for stopping by Helen! I’d actually been putting off reading Evelyn Waugh for a long time and I simply don’t understand why! Next on my list is Brideshead Revisited, and since you recommend Decline and Fall so strongly, I’ll put that on the ‘to read’ list as well.

  2. Hello…and what a unique blog name. Started to spell it out but thought I better not! I’m here from the SHEWRITES ball to extend this greeting, and hoping you enjoy.

    PS. you may want to read my greeting. It sort of answers yours;-)

    • Thanks for stopping by…and I’m glad you like the blog name 🙂

      I did read your welcome on your blog…and I completely agree you!

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