Separated at Birth?

Two books, published about a year apart, with such similar looking covers. Not sure if the person who designed the cover of the Jerry Pinto novel ever saw the cover of the Katie Ward book. Of course, there are some differences: the colour, the details of the silhouette, the fonts etc. If I had to pick, I would say I prefer the cover of Em and the Big Hoom. While Girl Reading‘s colour is fabulous – it catches the eye and makes you want to pick up the book – the cover of the Pinto novel actually tells us a little about what to expect from the novel. As has been written in various publications and blogs, Em and the Big Hoom is Pinto’s semi-autobiographical account of a family, where the mother slowly descends into madness. The whorls and curls inside the woman’s silhouette could very well depict the tumultuous – and undecipherable – inner life of Imelda, or ‘Em’  as she is referred to by her children.  It’s not a book I have read yet; but I’m really hoping to get my hands on a copy by this weekend. Going by what some of the book reviewers I admire the most are saying, it will be quite the lit treat.


One thought on “Separated at Birth?

  1. Hey! I am glad to have been introduced to your blog through your comment in a post of mine.

    The two book covers you mention above immediately made me think of the American covers of Chris Cleave’s books. Have a look at them!

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