My Column on Helter Skelter

What accounts for our great love for Dexter Morgan – a love so great, that we are willing to overlook his little ‘Hobby’? Or is it this hobby that makes us love him so much. Examining our morbid fascination for Miami’s most famous fictitious serial killer is this column I wrote for Helter Skelter. You can check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “My Column on Helter Skelter

  1. Hey Pooja

    Been following your column on Helter Skelter for some time now. Loved the piece about Sherlock and more recently, Dexter!


  2. The comment section on Helter Skelter doesn’t appear to be working at the moment, so thought I’d let you know I really enjoyed your piece. Big fan of Dexter, though the book somehow never interested me but I can see how the visual medium would be far more conducive to our actually sympathizing with the character. (A bit like American Psycho, or even A Clockwork Orange?)

    Not sure how many books there are but I’m guessing the latter seasons were purely written for TV. The Deb-Dex love interest angle really threw me. The season was kind of a disappointment, plot-wise, but the incest angle and the finale has ensured I’ll be watching next season.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the trouble to comment! I love it when people do that.

      You’re right, the later seasons of Dexter were for-TV-only, since the books take a different turn altogether. That too is slightly bizarre, but certainly not as weird as the Dex-Deb love angle. That threw me too. But yes, I’m also waiting for the next season to premiere, just so I can know where the hell this goes. In the book, Deb finds out about Dexter’s inclination very early, since she’s awake during his whole exchange with the Tamiami Slasher. Also, he only just keeps himself from killing her. But she does manage to get used to the idea of him being that way, simply because Deb is Deb and for her, family loyalty is most important. And after all, Dexter did struggle really hard with himself and finally decided that she couldn’t be killed.

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