Just for fun…

I always look forward to Tehelka’s BookWednesday thread on Facebook. It’s a stimulation conversation to be part of, if one is a reader. The themes range from favourite Shakespeare plays to fictional meals that made one’s mouth water. One week’s thread asked readers to put up pictures of their bookshelves (sadly, I never got around to doing that). This week was an especially good challenge: writing short, short fiction – in no more than 50-55 words – on the theme ‘revolution’. As is usual with Tehelka’s threads, this got a great response too. My humble contribution is below:

“She was paying good rent, wasn’t she? Eggshells in her trash were the initial, hesitant declaration of rebellion, reported by her maid to the building committee. Harsh words were exchanged, but unholy ham and beef followed. Pungent bombil was the final, glorious act. But her rented house became the ultimate casualty.”

This is my first attempt at fiction in a prodigiously long time. So long, that I think I grew a few inches in height and in waist measurement in the gap in between the last short fiction I wrote and this attempt. I’m grateful for this little mental kick.

Go and join Tehelka’s Facebook page. It will stimulate your mind. And it’s great fun.



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