Book #3

Book Title – A Room of One’s Own

Author – Virginia Woolf

Publishers – Penguin

Pages – 111

YOU may already know that A Room of One’s Own developed out of a series of lectures that Virginia Woolf delivered at two women’s colleges in Cambridge University, Girton College and Newnham College in 1928. The topic was the rather ambiguous ‘Women and Fiction’ and it’s during these lectures that she famously said, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” It’s a common sense assertion, of course, but it’s shocking how I never really thought of creativity in this light. Of course a woman needs to be free of financial worries and household chores if she is to do something creative. By that I don’t mean that women who hold a fulltime job outside the home or even those who work at home can’t be creative. But they need to have enough freedom to be able to have a few hours all to themselves and their creative efforts. And this doesn’t apply just to women – Woolf was to later deny that she was consciously delivering a feminist argument – anyone who has to worry about their day’s three meals can’t really be engaged in writing great literature. That requires a commitment of a sort that they can’t really have.


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