All Apologies/ I’m Back!

>First things first: Abandoning one’s blog for almost two years, simply because one got busy with one’s newly resurrected career and social life is thoroughly unjustified. Who kept me company when I wanted desperately to pour out my thoughts on the new OMG book or movie? This Blog. Who helped me air my views on political developments and then some in the home country? Yes, it was this blog? And who gave me a place to vent my anger/frustration/cynical reactions? You got it. This blog. So I’m righting wrongs and getting this journal back on track.

However, I will offer one teensie-weensie excuse here – when one writes for a living, writing for leisure ends up seeming too tedious and all one wants to do at the end of the day is have a high calorie meal and turn in for a good, long snooze. It’s a mentally exhausting existence, with the paradox of also being mentally stultifying since the written word just puts one off, if that is all one is dealing with five days a week. So these past months I’ve lazed in the mental department – not read the papers with due diligence, not watched enough good movies and certainly given up my daily crossword. All that, however, will hopefully not come with me into the new year.

There’s been a slight change in agenda, though. Starting today, I’ve resolved to write a post about every new book/movie/TV show that I watch and every exciting new piece of music that I hear (the caveat being that ‘new’ here means, new to me, not recently released). A few posts on fashion might also find there way in here, mostly because of the nature of my job (SURPRISE! I’m a fashion writer). But what will ultimately stick is only that which works best for this space. I’m eager and excited to see what that will be, as I hope you will be too.


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