What will Kosovo Bring?

>If a Kosovo is born and is supported by the US and major European powers, what hope is there for nation states that are still battling separatism on the basis of religion?

It’s not surprising that Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Russia have refused to recognize Kosovo. They’re all dealing with separatism themselves. China too has expressed it’s reservations about this unilateral move by Kosovo.

What is surprising, and disturbing, is that India has not joined this group of naysayers, especially since what happens in Kosovo today, could very well happen in Kashmir tomorrow.

And anyway, quite apart from the implications that Kosovar independence has on Kashmir, is the unnerving fact that multi-ethnicity seems to be an increasingly failed concept as far as nation states are concerned.

The writer of this article thinks that India should recognize Kosovo, because as the world’s largest democracy India has proved that ‘it is possible to be democratic and poor and even to achieve high rates of growth without sacrificing civil liberties. India is a model for developing countries, in no small measure because of its commitment to democratic values and human rights.’

He only leaves out the question of multiculturalism, which is one of Indian democracy’s greatest assets and something that makes it’s success all the more laudable. A trivial question? I think not.


2 thoughts on “What will Kosovo Bring?

  1. >Kosovo has set a very difficult precinct for the world. The prompt recognition from the US has its own meanings, which is actually a way to get another country under the umbrella of its influence. And also to make an entry into the Balcan which has been a traditional Russian ally. But should India recognize the Kosovo state? I think it’ll be better off than to hurry into the recognition business. India itself is firefighting it’s multi-ethnic population in the Nort eastern states where the Nagas, Mizos, Bodos and now the Gorkhas have been demanding autonomy for decades.Srilanka knows a recognition will only fuel the fire in it’s own backyard.So a careful Indian response is a must. and anyway a recognition is merely a formality, Kosovo is not even a major trade ally.

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