We begin the year on a high note…

>…by introducing the Modi Chalisa.

I suppose stranger things have happened.



4 thoughts on “We begin the year on a high note…

  1. >Been so busy, my friend! I’m learning Chinese and believe you me, it’s not something to be sneezed at! Apart from trying to remember about 500 different characters (at the beginner’s level, mind you!), I also have to learn how to pronounce each word in four different tones. Sounds confusing? It is. Anyhoo, I’ll detail all that in another post which shall be posted shortly.

  2. >just goes to show what exactly the vaccum of a sound rolemodel leads to… am a gujrati myself and am not proud of this but definitely have seen the precedents like this at every other place.. interestingly its not even a gujju who has penned it… take a subjective look at this and you’ll understand why exactly does gujrat like modi this much..its not because of the work he does but i think every time he speaks he manages to touch the gujju pride chord with people. its like forcing the feel of being a victim on the people and then coming out claiming to be a saviour .. other one major reason is that its a publicity gimmick anyways .. i dont know why the hell would TOI want to allot space for this news No wait forgot they havent got any worthwhile piece to print anyways ps:- this is the best i could come up with.. with all the not forgiving stuff you told me about .. hopefully you could edit it to grade it up to whatever intellectual level you want he he

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