What’s in a name?

A Chinese couple wants to name their son @. No, this is not a typo. They actually do want to name their son that. The Chinese pronunciation of @ is ‘ai-ta’ and it means ‘love him’. Given the meaning, I suppose ‘ai-ta’ is a good enough name…but @?

Naming a child is like navigating a minefield. Hardly anyone is ever satisfied with his or her own name. It must be tough being expectant or new parents. Not only do you argue with each other and the rest of the family about what to name your child, you might also, sometime in the future, have to explain to said child why you gave him or her a name that in all probability causes embarrassment.

There are so many pitfalls you need to avoid while naming the child. One, do not be too pedestrian. That means that names like Rahul, Neha & Pooja go out the window. These names are bound to crop up all over the place. Every classroom, playground and office has at least one Rahul, Neha & Pooja.

Another thing to remember is that you can’t go all out traditional. If you name your son Maruti or Chiraunjilal, there’s no way he’s ever going to forgive you. Ditto for Thankam and Basanti. These names might have suited your grandparents or even your parents, but they will not suit your children. At least, that’s what your children will say when they disown you.

There’s some danger in naming your child after someone you admire. The celebrated, if fictitious, case of Gogol Ganguli comes to mind. Of course, you have a winner with a Sachin or a Sania, but try naming your child after Bhappi Lahiri or Vyajayanthimala and you will feel the consequences.

Try and avoid unisex names like Kiran & Manjeet. Also steer clear of exotic names like Utkalika and Mrignayni. And crazy spellings like Preity and Viveik.

In the end, it’s probably safer to just let your kids name themselves.

Note: This is all just fun. No offence is meant to anyone who’s named Pooja, Rahul, Maruti etc. Kindly excuse!


10 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I actually think that the chinese naming their son @ is pretty cool. Infact I would like to see a new wave of change in naming . We can start with all the letters on the keyboard and then move onto mathematical equations like pi (hey that already exist) etc. Better still, we will start naming them by numbers from a certain day. So the first baby anywhere in the world born on 2008 00.00 will be 1 and so on….that will ensure that no one has the same name ever.

    hmmm, i think , i mite have just solved identity theft.

  2. yup yup! Nomenclature can be tricky a lotta times…

    dad used to say that the chinese named their children according to the noise that the household utensils made wen they were dropped. No offense to ppl out there but ‘Chang Wang’ does seem like a that statement!!

  3. @tys on ice
    You have an idea there. But won’t this deprive us of all the beautiful and meaningful names that we already have?

    LOL! Yeah, I’ve heard that one before!

  4. well some more names to brood on:
    1:thai name: Tenchai Iamthongthong (wonder how this guy will survive in US)

    2: exotic: Ol’Magnus Barstard.
    No need to abuse this guy what?

    dont know where my name falls though.. exotic? traditional? unique… What it means is a bit distrurbing though!

    –Parasaran ( means destroyer of families.. snake. something on those lines!) I love the name though

  5. No comments about Parasaran!

    But those other names are pretty weird…are you sure you pronounce them the way their written?

  6. huh.. why no comments on my name?
    and Yes the names are pronounced the way they look. I know of a lot of such names..

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