Azaadi ka Jashn in Shanghai

The 60th anniversary of our country’s independence didn’t feel all that special to me. I think it was because one really can’t get into the spirit of the day as long one’s in a foreign nation.

Here in Shanghai we tried our best. About 50 of us gathered for Independence Day celebrations at 7 in the morning. The Tricolour was unfurled. Then the Consul General read out excerpts from the President’s dull speech. This was followed by a handful of tone-deaf ladies, who call themselves ‘Sur Shanghai’ singing a couple of patriotic songs. They sang ‘Vande Mataram’ tolerably well, but they absolutely butchered ‘Aye Mere Watan ke Logon’. They raced through the song like they had a flight to catch. Sur Shanghai’s performance was followed by a bunch of kids singing ‘Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein’. It was surprisingly good.

Afterwards we all marched up to the Consulate for breakfast. This consisted of samosas, gulab jamun and kaju katli. I felt slightly ill at the thought of abusing my tummy with these at 8 AM, but I managed to grin and bear it.

All in all, the proceedings were scalier than ones I’ve experienced in India, but then I’m in China. What else could I have expected?


5 thoughts on “Azaadi ka Jashn in Shanghai

  1. hey, happy independence day…u r rite abt not getting into the spirit of independence. Iam in Dubai, and today started with wishing my wife happy independence and heard on the radio a mention abt it and then it was work work work…

    may be tonite I will drink toddy to be patriotic.

    wht u doing in china land anyway?

  2. Well for me, I got a message saying, sympathies to all married and committed people, for all others, Happy Independence Day!

  3. Call me a cynic, but then, there’s not much of a ‘spirit’ when you’re in the country either. It’s more or less the same – the ladies singing in a manner little tolerable, and kids doing a rather good job at it, followed by a heavy breakfast if it’s a public’ish gathering.

    Then off to a movie / ‘hanging out’ with friends.

    I haven’t much against any of it, but just saying it nonetheless!

  4. @ Tys on ice

    yeah, man! It’s hard to feel it, when you’re exiled in a foreign land.
    I’m studying in China.

    LOL! Yeah…I’ve read that!

    I guess that is true…and I’m not saying that’s a catastrophe.

  5. not everybody gets the feel of this day even when in your own nation.
    for me, the day just passed by as another lazy holiday, and not because i dont love my country, but because i think about its state every single day and another one dedicated to my it’s independence doesn’t get that spark in me anymore.
    jai hind!

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