Abhi to Aish Karenge!

OK, OK…I admit it. I was very, very curious about the Abhi-Aish wedding. Gimme a break! I’m human. I wanted to know who’s on the guest list, and more importantly, who’s not. I wanted to know what the happy (presumably) pair wore and how the bidaai went. It’s fun to know such details. And while I agree that no aspect of the wedding is the stuff of breaking news, I don’t understand why so many people are being so uppity about the media covering the Desi Wedding of the Year.

Think about it…it’s the meeting of the Titans, a marriage of all that’s powerful and beautiful in apna Bollywood. The scion of Bollywood’s first family weds one of India’s most well-known faces. It’s fascinating!

But even more interesting is all the drama that surrounded the whole affair. A drunk starlet claims to be married to Abhishek and slits her wrist. Amar Singh spews venom against Mukesh Ambani (‘I hate him!’). The police lathi-charges crazed fans. I tell you…this is pure K-stuff!

Abhi-Aish sure have started their wedding on a high note! The rest of their married life will probably pale in comparison to the high-voltage drama of their wedding. I hope Viveik Oberoi does a Devdas…just to keep the excitement going.

P.S. Sorry about the gosh-awful title. But I had to, don’t you know?


9 thoughts on “Abhi to Aish Karenge!

  1. yeah…but the problem is, i didn’t watch enough of the coverage. I wanted to do somthing more like what Vinod G has done on Mostly Thoughtless (check my blogroll)

  2. I agree, such stuff should not be sensationalised but there is nothing to be cynical about covering a wedding. Afterall we do enjoy the glamour and glitz and more importantly, all the gossip.

  3. know what?? i actually read the title when i read that PS!!! haha…. good one da!!!!

    Btw, good honest post this one!!!

    Btw, this vivek oberoi guy…. isnt he the one who counted how many missed calls salman apparently gave him after the latter broke up with aish????

    Last heard he has started growin his beard… wait a minute… he always had a stubble didnt he??? hmmm….

  4. Yup…Viveik is the guy who called a press conference when Sallu was harassing him. And he should grow a beard; it would hide his baby face.

    So I finally guilted you into reading this, did i? 😉

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