Not Waiting for Shanghai

No Koro…not waiting till I go to Shanghai. Not waiting to update my blog, I mean. What did you think I meant?

I could mean a lot of things by that statement. I could be waiting for excitement to finally come into my life. I could be waiting to take control of my own destiny, rather than float through life like some piece of flotsam…or jetsam.

It’s amazing how one little piece of news can mean so many things. It could mean new opportunities, the chance to see fresh faces and to experience something different. It can also mean the end of something you thought would last forever.

This is a short, melancholy post. This is how I feel right now. Torn between Mumbai, the Shanghai Wannabe, and the Real McCoy.


4 thoughts on “Not Waiting for Shanghai

  1. Great…welcome back to the blogging world! Though many out there wouldnt know your connection to Shanghai! Elborate pls…. 🙂

  2. oh my god! that was just an enquiry as to when are we geting to read your next post…you vanished completely for like months…anyway…forget it.
    welcome back and keep writing. you do it well.

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