Venting Some Spleen

Has it ever happened to you? Someone does something to offend you. You’re angry for about five minutes and the you forget about it and move on. Then that night, as you’re lying in bed and thinking about the day that passed, the memory of the offence comes to you in all its virulence and ruins your sleep. You fume thinking about the wrong done to you and all the biting things you could’ve told your malefactor occur to you, too late.

It happens to me all the time.

I’m an angry person right now. Nothing specific. I just hate the world and all that’s in it. I hate whiny people. I hate people who’re perpetually late. I hate politics and backstabbing. I sometimes even hate harmless children.

I need therapy.


9 thoughts on “Venting Some Spleen

  1. You’re not the only one! The only places where you can see people snub their opponents with brilliant repartees are probably on the screens. Mine occur to me exactly 3 hours after a nasty showdown 😦

    Come on, isn’t anger simply a state of the mind? Your anger is justified because it had a reason. If it occurs every hour, for no particular reason at all, then you need therapy. In Plum We Trust.

  2. Shit happens!!
    I have the same problems as of the moments wen there is a fight with sum1 i think of “peace” and “brotherhood” and “loving” and all other fictional thingies.
    Its later that I mentally picture myself beating the crapp outta that guy that makes me feel good…
    Justice is served???

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