I’ve often asked myself one question…what are people, who kill innocent people, thinking? Are they thinking at all?
They say they’re fighting for a cause. What cause? What belief system could possibly sanction mass murder?

Imagine this. You’re sitting comfortably by the window on the train home. You’re reading or possibly dozing off. Suddenly, something that sounds and feels like the end of world happens. You’re flying through the air. You try to get up, but you can’t. Something seems to be impending your movements. In a confused sort of way, you notice that people are screaming and rushing back and forth. Then it suddenly strikes you. There was a bomb on the train.You can’t move because your legs have been blown off or your head or arms are bleeding. You’ve sacrificed a lot of blood and your limbs, and quite possibly your life, for someone else’s cause.

In an ideal world, this wouldn’t happen. But this is not an ideal world. And it seems we’re doing nothing to make it one.


10 thoughts on “Kalyug

  1. not that im in favour of war either, but if one wants their ‘rights’ they might as well wage war against people whoi are trained to counter attacks.

  2. @ D O U B L E S P A C E D

    Dude, are talking about people attacked by terrorists? That they should retaliate in kind? I still think its a bad idea…then the cycle of violence will never end.

    @ Blessen


  3. I agree with Pooja on this one… no point in continuing the violence!!! It will be back to square one… two of the best things that the Indian government has is patience and sense (not retaliating)!!!
    and anyways, whom are we gonna wage a war against?

  4. clarification:

    As i mentioned in the first line, I’m not in favour of war myself. And I’m not asking the Indian govt to wage war.
    All I’m saying (in sheer anger at the time of writing) is that if the ‘terrorists’ NEED to resort to violence, they might as well fight against someone who knows how to combat them.
    I make it clear again – I’m not in favour of war myself.

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