My first experience of politics at the workplace! Not a very edifying experience…and does little credit to all concerned.
So here’s the story….I’ll start at the beginning. I’m an instructional designer..which means I design storyboards for corporate training programmes. And it is part of my job to instruct the graphic designers exactly what I want the developed programme to look like. Since most of them are senior to me, they naturally resent it. I suppose it’s a mindset peculiar to the Indian Male…they hate taking orders, even when they’re not really orders, from women, especially if they’re younger.

So anyway..work that should’ve finished by 6:00 in the evening..finished an hour and a quarter later. I was sizzling by the time I left. Unfortunately, I could not speak my mind…would’ve bruised more egos…sigh!


It tires me to read newspapers these days…they just drag issues beyond their actual shelf life. Its annoying to wake up every morning and see Rahul Mahajan’s mug on the front page and read five different spellings of Bibek Moitra’s name. That’s another thing….the utter confusion about basic facts such as the names of the main characters in the lead story. In the Rahul Mahajan case, they’d even got the name of the drug wrong. Only The Times of India got it right, and then they too had to crow about it! Really sickening!


9 thoughts on “Politix!

  1. Ahem! Mindset particular to the Indian Male?!! I agree with the first half, its the second half that irks me! What the hell is that about? I’ve heard accounts of females being more psycho than males… hopefully you don’t get to senior position soon 😛

    And yeah, I’ve been wondering why they give a different spelling to Bibek Moitra all the time, must be that certain something with Indian names.. you’re lucky your name has no alternatives, unless sum1 decides to call ya Booga..

  2. Everyone seems to be getting the Moitra part right.. but here’s something interesting… it’s ‘Maitra’ according to a NBP journo who covered his funeral!!! So his version was Bibek Maitra… and considering he visited his home in Navi Mumbai, this could well be the right version (note the word ‘could’)….

    Hey, about the first half, it ain’t fair to generalize!!! I work under a female, albeit elder!!! But yea, there are a few who would have problems especially if you are new and young!!! But such is life!!!

    O yes, by the way, when they wrote my name at the editorial team box at NBP, they wrote it as Blessin Varghese… they asked me how I spelt Varghese but didnt ask me about my first name!!! It came out that day as ‘Blessin Varghese’ and a few days later, I see my name typed as Blesin Verghese… so much so for the name of someone working at your very newspaper!!!

  3. hey!i like your name…process to complicated to understand…and i so agree about the mind set particular to indian male…they feel threatened by any show of intelligence in a female…

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