Harry Potter and the anti-Satanists

I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter books by J K Rowling. They’re enjoyable and make for wonderful, escapist fun in a fantasy world where magic resides along with the mundane. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? J K Rowling obviously meant her fantasy world to be read about and enjoyed. She certainly didn’t have any hidden agenda while writing about it, something which should be obvious to the rational reader.

Which is why it annoys me when people read too much into the series. Many find the series incredibly stupid and childish and overhyped. I agree the books are overhyped, and I can even see why someone may think they are childish and stupid. I’m fine with that point of view. But what I can’t stand are self-righteous people who decry the series on the basis that it propagates withcraft and should be banned. They claim Rowling is leading children into a life of sin and sorcery where they will never know God and religion.

Utter rubbish, in my opinion! Sin?? One of the first things that strikes you about the books is the great emphasis on love, sacrifice and loyalty. Last I heard, these were virtues, and not sins. Of course, I may be wrong. You see I’m too busy being lured by withcraft and have lost touch with the real world like Gioia Bishop, 10, who said, “I was eager to get to Hogwarts first because I like what they learned there and I want to be a witch.”

I’ve met many Potter fans and not one of them has been tempted into sorcery. If any fan has been, then he/she need help. There is nothing wrong with the books.

Some religious critics say that Harry Potter leads children to Satanism. Says the editor of ESPMinistries in Harry Potter: The Truth Behind The Magic,

In some instances I have seen psychic phenomena performed in the Harry Potter movies and book. For example, the movie showed Harry looking into a mirror and seeing the future. This is known as “mirror mancy”, this is a form of divination (the art of obtaining information of the spirit world forbidden by God Deut. 18:10). It is interesting to note that Sirhan Sirahan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy, said he practiced this phenomena and saw himself in the mirror killing Robert Kennedy before he committed the act. His defense was the “devil made me do it”.

Obviously, Sirhan Sirahan had issues. I’m sure if a good psychiatrist had been consulted, he would have found out exactly what Sirahan’s problem was. But it certainly was not Satanism.

The editor also says

I was horrified as I saw another scene where there was a large glass cage with a huge snake slithering on the floor, apparently there was a boy being mean to Harry Potter. Harry then performed his magic and put the boy in the cage with the snake, who was terrifying the kid.
Eventually he cast a spell and took this humongous snake out of the glass cage and left the boy locked in there. But the thing that got my attention, was when the snake was freed, it spoke to Harry and as its fork tongue shot out of its mouth, it said “thank you” to Harry Potter.
Yes, Satan is saying “THANK YOU” to J.K. Rowling and publisher’s Scholastic inc. for introducing witchcraft to millions of children all over the world.

This is ridiculous! Satan?? As I mentioned before, the books revolve around the themes of love, sacrifice and loyalty. Harry’s greatest weapon against Lord Voldemort, his arch-enemy, is that he can feel love. He knows its powers and does not underestimate it, unlike Voldemort. And according to popular belief, Satan sows the seeds of discord among people. How then can he spread his message through Harry Potter?


9 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the anti-Satanists

  1. Well, I am an Anti-Satanist myself (if u can call me that), but I dont agree with those editorial… In fact, that snake part of the scene never even came to my mind! I thought that was rather a cute little scene (I say scene coz I havent read the book)
    While I could understand why ppl were getting restless about the Da Vinci Code (after hearing a few comments from those who read it, even I will get restless), this is ridiculous! Sure, kids will fantasize about witchcraft and all that, but they always want to be on the “good side”, not towards the evil…. and eventually, they too will grow up and understand that this is after all just a fictional book/film.

  2. Read the books..the movies don’t do justice to them.

    As for the Da Vinci Code…i think you should read the book and form your own opinions. (even if it revolts you to do so)

  3. I was talking about those who were so influenced by the Code! They mixed fiction with facts and got confused!!! That is something that made me restless (the comments of the people who got influenced, not about the book)

    And as for harry potter, i know i am missing out on a lot… but as u know, i am one of those who wudnt spend on books unless i really wanna buy it!

  4. i don’t get it…WHY WHY WHY do ppl compare snakes to evil things..don’t dey get dey r beautiful creatures who dont even undrstnd da distinction btwn good n evil..
    some ppl r just so out of deir minds..or shuld i say dey think too much n injure deir knees…

    P.S.: HARRY POTTER ROX!!!!!!

  5. there are a few facts… but because he has mixed it up with his fantastic work of fiction, i have heard remarks that upset me yaar!!!

    I hope at least u dont do that!!!

  6. I find it really funny when people take these things too seriously!! i mean. read fiction as it is to be read.
    all this satan anti satan is really overhyped! do you really care if satan pops out of the ground tomorrow? or if you do.. can you do anything about it.When is it that people startgetting truly secular? one can worship anything one wants.
    Anti satanists are just jobless people.
    every religion is riddled with its own discrepancies..church has the most violent history… its hard to believe how the hindu religion as of today is centered around just two epics (and of course building of ram temples)
    what should be done is to solve these discrepancies and not fuel the doubts by attaking literary works!
    i still cant belive the depths to which the church went to prove da vinci was false.Instead of assuring the poeple it has done just the opposite.There are still questions unanswered.

  7. If the snake hadnt said thank you to Harry – that would have been Satanic. At least the snake is polite, dude. Satan guy is not that polite, at least to me he isn’t.
    These Anti-Satanist ppl hav boring lives u know. So 1 day they wake up and say let’s become famous by trying to ruin a famous author – and then go on their journey’s that would eventually take them to hell.
    Well, If Harry Potter is Satanic book in a way, then let me see… the book ‘English Roses’ by maddona is also Satanic in a way – coz in the book a girl plucks a flower from the garden( i.e. killing the flower. OH! what a horrible satanic act of violence.
    And yeah there are much better satanic things to criticise than harry potter.

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