Hotel Strikes: Hitting On the Belt

It’s hard. You haven’t had time to read the newspaper in the morning, so you take it along with you to work so that you can read it when you get a little time. Morning passes by in a flurry of hard work and you decide to relax a little till lunchtime by reading the paper. And it hits you hard…restaurants and hotels are on strike! Where the hell do you eat??

You finally remember that there is a McDonald’s outlet close by and you rush there as soon as lunchtime rings in. And what do you find? The place is full to bursting point with other hungry workers like you. You have no option but to eat standing. To move to another McD’s outlet would be to expire in your shoes of hunger.

Should restaurants and hotels be allowed to strike? Of course, they should. But on the other hand, they provide vital services, viz. chow for rumbling stomachs. And when you’re ravenous like a wolf, you’re about ready to gobble up the leader of the strike if he happens to come by…that’s killing two birds with one stone – your hunger is satiated and the instigator of you misery dies a befittingly horrible death. But I digress…

The point I guess is that we’re all Champions of the Right to Freedom and Expression (and to Strikes) as long as the protests do not affect us directly. But once the blow falls too close for comfort, we squirm and yell about insensitive jerks who are too selfish to realize that they’re inconveniencing others.

This happened to me today. Normally, I would have supported the strike (or atleast the right to strike). But today, since I was so directly affected, I made a big deal about it. But that, I guess, is life. Let it rain, as long as it does so on someone else’s house!


2 thoughts on “Hotel Strikes: Hitting On the Belt

  1. nobody knows the problem unless being inside the core of it or being knee deep in the pool of mess created by it. its all perspective. these problems (not urs) r just made due to the lack of it, ppl want to get outta there mundane lives n create a mess. disorder is a root of individuality..? i aint no judje.

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