A beginning

Finally, after months of dilly-dallying and shilly-shallying, I’ve decided to start my blog again! I’m tempted to start on a very serious note…trouble is which serious note deserves my immediate attention? The current Sardar Sarovar Dam situation or Salman Khan’s jail term? Or should it be the whole hoo-ha regarding reservation for OBCs?

Simple solution – a line on each of them. Okay..here goes…

Sardar Sarover – The people of Gujarat need water, but they should first learn to use it judiciously. The number of times I’ve seen people there let their taps run while they wash utensils, shave, brush or whatever! Also, the people being displaced bacause of the dam should be rehabilitated suitably.
However we should all know what the opposition is saying. A very learned case for the defence may be found here

Salman Khan cooling his heels in jail – He deserves it. Period. Anyone who kills innocent animals just for ‘sport’ are brutes! And anyway, Salman has proven time and again that he is one…like when he dumped a drink on Somy Ali’s head or when he bullied Aishwarya Rai. Industry people may keep saying that ‘woh dil ka accha hai’ but that does not excuse brattiness. Salman just needs to grow up and maybe his three nights in jail in the company of mosquitoes helped him in that direction.

Reservation for OBCs – unnecessary, as far as I can see. I mean, even well-off castes like Yadavs and Jats are OBC. I agree that the really marginalized and oppressed people of our country deserve state support and positive discrimination in their favour. But if reservation of almost 50 % seats in all educational institutes is a bit too much. Where will that leave the general category students? Competition will become even more cut-throat than it already is. And what will happen to the rat race once all the rats have bitten and scratched themselves to death in an effort to get at the last bit of cheese?
A public effort to nip this menace in the bud maybe found here


One thought on “A beginning

  1. Finally, u r back!!! So glad u r though!!!
    Issue 1: I have no idea why our PM is concerned about Modi going on a 51 hour fast!! I am sure he can go without food for at least that long!!

    Issue 2: They all say “poor Salman”… I’ll say “poor Blackbuck”… as for him ‘mistreating’ Aishwarya, i think she deserves nothing better! I hope Khan has learnt his lessons though!!!

    Issue 3: Lets all convert!!! Pooja Yadav, Blessen Yadav etc etc… hehe…

    And as for the blog as a whole… Good ‘restart’!!!

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